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Johrei is a simple prayer that anyone can learn and share with others. Johrei is practiced by more than 1 million people world-wide, helping to bring greater spiritual fulfillment, emotional balance and physical well-being to all.

Volunteer service through offering Johrei helps us to realize our highest purpose in life. It is a wonderful way to serve others.


What is Johrei ?

The primary purpose of Johrei is not to effect physical healing. Johrei is an action that brings about spiritual fulfillment and true happiness on earth. I say this because, as many of you already know, sickness is a form of purification, and the real cause of sickness is clouds on the spiritual body, which are dispelled through that purification. Johrei is a way by which all the negative experiences of a person can be eliminated.

In this sense, poverty and conflict are also manifestations of purification. However, the most serious of all purifications is illness because it involves one’s very life. Therefore, when the problem of disease is solved, other miseries such as poverty and conflict are automatically solved, too.

Since the solution of these miseries is essential for the attainment of true happiness, it needs to be clearly understood that the cause of all miseries is clouds on the spiritual body, and that the simplest and surest way to dispel clouds and attain true happiness is Johrei. Therefore, Johrei is not merely something to be used for the healing of physical illness.

The physical body of a human being is living in the physical world, while the spiritual body is living in the spiritual world. The condition of the spiritual plane in which one’s spiritual being resides affects the material world, and this reflects on one’s physical being. Thus, the true cause of fortune or misfortune lies in the location of the spiritual being in the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is divided into many strata. There are three main divisions – upper, intermediate, and lower. Each of these is divided into sixty levels. This makes a total of one hundred and eighty-one strata, or levels, including the highest level of all, which belongs only to the Supreme God. Spiritual beings reside on all levels except this one.

Each stratum is different from all others, ranging from bliss to misery. Suppose someone’s spiritual being is placed in the lowest level of the lowest main division due to the nature of that person’s vibration. As this corresponds to the lowest level of hell, which is filled with unimaginable miseries, this hellish state reflects on the physical body so that it experiences the most adverse conditions in the material world. When the vibration is raised to the next higher division, circumstances improve to a certain degree, and so on. Thus, the degrees of bliss and misery, joy and sorrow, differ according to the vibratory nature of each level.

When an individual advances to the intermediate division, he or she is much better off in many ways. This corresponds to the state of the physical world in general. If the spiritual vibration continues to be raised until the spiritual being of an individual enters one of the sixty levels in the highest plane, which is heaven, it is in a heavenly state. The person can then enjoy material circumstances that are full of joy and well-being.

The exact state of the spiritual body in the spiritual world reflects on the physical fortune of the individual in precise proportion. So, we all should strive to raise our vibratory rates as much as possible so that our spiritual beings can be raised. The higher they go, the less negativity we experience and the more our happiness increases. This is because it becomes less and less necessary for us to have difficult purifications. As long as our spiritual bodies stay in the lower levels, however much wisdom we try to use, however hard we may work, it is of no use. This is how the Divine Law operates, the law of the spiritual preceding the physical. There are no exceptions. it is an immutable Law.

Therefore, in order to attain true happiness, you must purify your spiritual body and raise its vibration, so it can reach higher levels. This is the only way to attain true happiness and fulfillment, and herein lies the great value of Johrei.


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